Help HABIT TO win the KFC Sessions!

We’re in this rat race to win the KFC Sessions (online battle of the bands)! We need your help to get to the top! Join the ‘KFC Sessions’ group page on facebook and let these guys know that we’ve got what it takes. Check it out ppl r saying rad things about us! Schweet 🙂


Here’s How…

  1.  follow the link (below) to our facebook page
  2. like our page (if you don’t already)
  3. join the ‘KFC Sessions’ group (it’s posted on our wall & band profile)
  4. tell them HABIT TO should win !!!

Habit To



  1. follow the link (below) to the KFC Sessions website
  2. click the facebook link to the ‘KFC Sessions’ group page
  3. join the group
  4. tell them ‘HABIT TO’ should win 🙂