New album available now!


After many trials, tribulations and adventures HABIT TO are proud to release their 4th collection of original music entitled Hellbent!

The material is fresh and has HABIT TO exploring new sounds, while still holding on to their roots.

Recording for the new release started when the band came off a heavy touring schedule. With all the original music HABIT TO have recorded, the band have decided to give their fans a treat in the form of two separate EP releases: Hellbent (released in March 2019) and… Heaven Sent (coming soon)!

Hellbent, is a contemporary collection of pop/rock songs that showcases HABIT TO’s musical growth. Chillie Stent captures vocal & guitar dynamic by showing off her range, soulful harmonies & devoted musicianship. This is partnered by her rock-solid and passionate rhythm section Dang Wardell who thumps groovy bass lines and drives the drum beats. Joining the band, to complete the trio, is Yesh Naidoo.

HABIT TO’s new EP Hellbent, is a tour de force that will lift your spirits, get your feet tapping and your heart beating.