habit-to02bw-PRESSHABIT TO have just released ‘Heaven Sent’. This is their follow up album to ‘Hellbent’. The band are fresh out of studio and hungry to spread their new sound.

These three musos come together in one harmonious blend of Pop/Rock/Soul. Having studied music at tertiary level, HABIT TO synchronise a thought process that digs deeper than the basics of song writing.

Formed in 2003, HABIT TO have built up a strong following not only in Durban, but around the country, winning over new fans with every gig.

In 2006 they won the Durban Burn the Bands competition, which awarded them the studio time and funding they needed to produce their debut album, ‘Secrets to a Triangle’. This achievement also gained them huge popularity and opened up many opportunities. The single ‘Cast in Stone’ received extensive radio airplay, while the music video for ‘Gratitude’ was put into rotation on Go TV, MK and MTV Base!

Following the previous album, HABIT TO unleashed their second album ‘Boomerang Saturn’ in 2011. The music video for the albums first single ‘R10.40’ hit frequent broadcasting into daytime TV screens nationwide on MK and was play listed on various radio stations! The band was also able to celebrate the music video hitting #3 on the charts for Guitar TV (USA) during the month of September 2012. Other familiar singles from the album ‘Boomerang Saturn’ that continue to be heard on various radio stations locally and internationally include: ‘Movin’, ‘Knuckle Down’, ‘That Moment’ and ‘Space’.

The success of their second album, ‘Boomerang Saturn demanded a busy touring schedule for the band. With 66 national show dates under their belts over the months of 2012, they burnt up the tarmac and stages of South Africa.

In response to the bands’ attention with their ever-growing popularity, HABIT TO signed up with Sheer Publishing, which boosted the group to new horizons.

HABIT TO’s release ‘Hellbent’ in 2019is a tour de force that will lift your spirits, get your feet tapping and your heart beating. From stacking up with radio play, interviews, and tour dates; this crew were ready to take flight! The release of ‘Hellbent’ captured the attention of a talent agent who then landed them a resident gig at McGettigans, Radisson Blu Hotel (5 Star) in the United Arab Emirates. HABIT TO enjoyed their 4 x 4 month contracts with the venue where they were performing 4 hours a night, 6 nights per week (2020).

The global pandemic of Covid-19 restrictions paused live gig opportunities and forced the band to fly  back home. No gigs allowed time for them to get busy in the recording studio. While live venues and entertainment were in lockdown, the album launch concert of HABIT TO’s latest release ‘Heaven Sent’ was performed and recorded live as an online concert in 2021.

Band Members:

Chillie Stent
(Vocals & Lead Guitar)
“Having a chick in the band that can rock out and come with some serious, face-melting guitar solos definitely helps HABIT TO stand out” – Sarona Reddy, Eish Magazine

Dang Wardell
(Drums & Bass & Backing Vocals)
“Wardell is a skilled and powerful force on the kit… Impressive any way you hear it” –Claire Angelique, Sunday Tribune

Yesh Naidoo
“Always refreshing to see this Indian King live up to his title when he delivers a rhythmic force to be reckoned with”.- Blogspot bands dot com